Kitfo (Beef)

RWF 9,000.00

Our restaurant specializes in Kitfo, a traditional Ethiopian dish made with freshly minced lean beef mixed with mitmita and butter. Served raw or slightly cooked based on preference, it’s accompanied by injera.


Kitfo (Beef)

Welcome to our restaurant, where we specialize in the traditional Ethiopian dish of Kitfo. Made with freshly minced lean beef mixed with mitmita and butter, Kitfo is a beloved delicacy in Ethiopian cuisine. The dish is typically served raw or slightly cooked, according to the customer’s preference, and is accompanied by injera, a spongy, tangy flatbread made from teff flour.

At our restaurant, we pride ourselves on our commitment to authentic Ethiopian cuisine. We source our ingredients carefully to ensure the highest quality and most authentic flavors, and our chefs are highly skilled in the preparation of Kitfo and other Ethiopian dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Ethiopian food or trying it for the first time, we guarantee a unique and memorable dining experience.

In addition to our signature dish of Kitfo, we offer a variety of other traditional Ethiopian dishes, including doro wat, a spicy chicken stew, and injera topped with a variety of savory and flavorful stews and sauces. Our menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the rich and diverse flavors of Ethiopian cuisine.

Our restaurant provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with attentive service and a focus on customer satisfaction. Whether you’re dining with friends or family, or simply enjoying a night out, our restaurant is the perfect choice for a delicious and authentic taste of Ethiopia. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our love of Ethiopian cuisine with you!


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